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Orion Pax Interview

 1. Give us a little back story on how you started to build with Lego’s professionally.

I got started on a more professional level about 6 years ago after working and developing my own style and enough thoughts what projects i would like to legolize. I worked as a concept designer for TLG and do exhibitions on art shows around Europe.

2. Have you done any of the full scale Lego sculptures that we may have seen in our travels?

Haven’t worked on any big sculptures but on some concepts for some of the LEGO toy lines you might know. Can’t tell you about that though.

3. Out of all of your extensive work, which has been the most challenging?

Since i always try to give me a new challenge i would say that every new work you see has a lot of extensive work in it.Projects like the Back to the Future Diorama i did last year was a long term thing i was working on the whole year.

4. I know that inside the Lego stores, they have a wall of blocks to choose from. I would imagine your home or workshop is the same. Can you give us some details on your work area?

I started collecting twelve years ago, so yeah i got a pretty big collection already. I divide the collection into different sections. So i got a part of the workshop where models are placed that need to be taken back apart. The parts go back into a ruff sorting usually by color. There are a lot of different ways to sort and organize a collection. The best way to do it is to make sure you always reach all of it without searching or digging to long for an element. Building already takes enough time. You don´t want to lose it looking for the parts. Also keeps you in the rush of building on the creation.

5. Can you walk us through your process for something such as making Boulder Hill?

The process on a creation like Boulder Hill always starts with enough inspirational material like pictures or other reference of the model you want to build. Then you have to check if you got the right parts to work with. Sometimes only one part gives you the idea of a whole creation. If you got a few parts of a model done usually it all comes together somehow. A challenge on the station was the hill in that earth orange. The color is pretty rare and i just had enough basic bricks and slopes to get the hill done. The transformation involved a bit trial and error building. Also you will not find it always that a legolized version of something like BH fits the colors so well. In this case the creation is really spot on and defiantly one of my favorite models too.

6. Why did you decide to work on MASK as one of your inspirations for your artwork?

As a kid of the 80s MASK like all the other toys and cartoons from that era left a deep impression on me. I did not have that many 80s toys but a lot LEGO. Already as a kid i had a Ecto 1 out of bricks. I saw Star Wars for the first time, ran into my room to build a xwing or tie fighter. It is lots of fun to recreate stuff you liked the most as a kid with the same medium you used as a kid. Just now in a professional way.

7. You were obviously a child of the 80’s. Did you have any of the MASK toys growing up or watch the cartoon? If so, what were some of your favorites and why?

The only MASK toy i ever had as a kid was Vampire. I was crazy about the cartoon and the toys though. My friends had a lot of MASK toys we played with. I remember that Jackhammer was always my favorite because also i saw him in one of the first commercial. The transformation with the turret and the black color really did it for me. Also the legolized version is on my ranking list pretty high.

8. If you could build anything out of Lego’s with unlimited time and resources, what would it be?

Unlimited time and resources would give me the chance to create big dioramas like the BTTF thing i mentioned earlier. More nice big display models for conventions to leave big impressions on the people. I was planning on a huge TRANSFORMERS diorama last year. But the lack of time just to build all the characters on my list was too much to even think about it serious. A growing theme on big display would make no sense because you also have to clean the creations while a building process over a bigger time period. Even your style or your decisions on certain parts of the model can change. You can do big mistakes you have to correct. I see it like every project i finish open up doors for new creations and ways to think about your medium you choose to work with. There will be no perfection because your expectations in your skills grow every time you create something new. And then there is always these endless nights where you just build and build and build. Not easy sometimes to stay sane.

9. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans of your work and MASK? Anything you wish to promote?

I would like to thank for the interview. For more info on my creations and upcoming projects make sure to visit from time to time. If you are interested in any of my work, please let me know. Also there might be a chance i revisit my MASK project for some new vehicles…..

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