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Eamon O’Donoghue Interview

September 22nd, 2006 Eamon has provided artwork for the upcoming DVD release of MASK from MadMan Entertainment. Here, we can see just how the process happens. 1. What is your background in the art field? I studied graphic design & Illustration at College in Ireland and after graduating I bounced around between a hand full of companies doing corporate stuff to club flyers to movie promotional material. I went totally freelance about 3 years ago and although it can be tough at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 2. What style of art do you feel you are best at? I’ve been asking that to myself a lot lately :). I suppose the DVD work has worked really well for me but I’ve done quite a few styles there too. eg. My UK Ulysses DVD covers differ in style than say the MASK covers. My comic book work is different that again. I do love pencil shaded stuff and as I’ve been doing that the longest, I suppose that’s probably what I’m most confident in. But it’s all subjective isn’t it?! 3. Besides your own work ;), what is your favorite piece of art? Anything by Frank Frazetta really! There is none better….ever! 4. Have you done any other covers before or artwork in general that we could look at? You might find one or two covers and stuff here: 5. How did you get to be involved with designing the DVD artwork for the MadMan M.A.S.K. DVD box set? I’ve worked with MadMan before on the Masters of the Universe DVD’s. I did some art cards and promo stuff. 6. Was this artwork done by hand or was it computer generated? If by hand, what methods did you use? It was drawn by hand with pen and ink and then it’s coloured in photoshop. 7. How many other concepts did you have before arriving with the final artwork? None really. As MadMan were having two releases of MASK, they wanted the covers to be themed. Season 1, MASK themed and season 2, Venom themed. The composition I went for was my first and only rough visual. 8. Did you get to choose the subjects that would appear on the cover? If you did or didn’t, could you explain why the subjects were chosen to make the cover? Yes.I wanted something that reflected what folks remember and something a little different for the fans. I went with what I thought was the most familiar things about the MASK show. I was gonna have more characters but it would’ve been too busy. Stylish and iconic was the way to go and I hope I achieved that. 9. Are you a fan of the show or the toy line at all? If so, how was it working with a subject matter that you enjoy? What aspects do you like about the show or toy line? I remember watching and enjoying the MASK series. I wasn’t a huge fan but I liked the animation and lets face it, vehicles that have weapons is always gonna catch a boys eye! I only had one MASK toy and at that, it was borrowed from a friend. I can’t remember the name but it was the black Corvette that turned into a boat. Man, the hours of fun I had with that one MASK toy! The figures fitted perfectly into the vehicles and I was used to bigger figures at that time. They were really cool toys. If I didn’t have so many other 80’s action figures, I would certainly collect MASK.

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