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Brennan Thicke Interview

August 20th, 2006

Brennan Thicke was the voice actor who provided the voice for Scott Trakker. Mr. Thicke was kind enough to share his insights from his experiences from the show.

1. How involved are you today in the tv/movie industry? Are you involved in any projects now or in the past other than MASK? If not in the tv/movie industry, what do you do now if I may ask?

I am currently in Real Estate. I did not continue in the film/TV business. However, I did do the voice of Dennis The Menace in the cartoon series for two years in the 80’s. I believe that was before MASK.

2. How did you get involved in MASK?

It was the same Director of Dennis the Menace who did MASK, Marsha Goodman. She amazingly put up with my antics, I was more like Dennis when I was young. Scott was too composed and intelligent. More of a thinker from what I remember.

3. How many other applicants did you best to get the job?

I wouldn’t know. I think the audition was just Marsha Goodman and two other execs from DIC. I can’t recall.

4. How old were you when you got the job to voice Scott Trakker?

I believe I was 13 or 14. I went through puberty and my voice changed so they had to take me off Dennis the Menace and I got MASK. Scott Traker was older.

5. Were you attending public school while providing the voice work? If so, how hard was it being so young and having to juggle school and acting?

I loved it because it was days off school at a time. However, I had set school. What kid doesn’t like having days off school at a time and get paid for it?

6. Having a famous actor as a father must have helped a lot with this experience. How much did your father, Alan Thicke, help you?

He was the reason I got my foot in the door. However, Marsha must have liked my voice, because having a famous father only gets your foot in the door, you have to perform or you’ll be passed on like anyone else if you don’t have what they want.

7. Did any of the other actors from the show help you through the experience?

Never worked with the others. Just Marsha. I think I met the cast once.

8. Was there any particular episode that you enjoyed making the most? Any that you weren’t fond of?

Don’t remember them now. I’m sure I would if I watched them again.

9. A toy was made of your character and your sidekick T-Bob. How did that make you feel to have a toy of the character out there for children and what now are grown men to play with.

The toys don’t carry my likeness so it’s not the same as if I was an actor with a toy that resembles myself.

10. Did you collect the MASK toys as a child? If so, do you have them today?

Yes. I collected and loved the toys and I deeply regret not keeping the collection. I battered them as most kids do trying to recreate the show when you’re young. The toys were original and fun and unlike much out there. Well, I hope that gave you some insight behind the scenes. I’m very flattered and surprised that there are still followers. It was a cool show and cool merchandise and I’m delighted to answer your questions. Brought back some good memories.

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