Collecting Tips -

Collecting Tips

I wanted to pass along some of my tips for hunting down and collecting MASK items. Feel free to comment below with any other suggestions. 

  • eBay is a great place to start. There are normally between 700 – 1000 auctions for MASK items. Search for M.A.S.K. Thunderhawk and also MASK Thunderhawk. Many auctions might not have the “.” in it and you may miss out on something. 
  • eBay has an app for Android that can alert you when something is posted. If you are looking for a certain item, you can get the upper hand!
  • eBay isn’t just in the United States, check out eBay UK, France, Germany, etc… 
  • The Europe eBay sites have more of the 3rd and 4th series in my experience. 
  • eBay isn’t the only place, there are places on the internet that you can also find M.A.S.K. pieces. A place that I like to check out is located here:
  • Get on our message board and make some friends. Most collectors have extra items that they would be willing to trade or possibly sell. Make sure you research the user though. We aren’t responsible for any trades that fall through. 
  • Use our price guide – – These aren’t exact prices and are more to show you in the ball park on what you should pay for an item. 
  • Start with the first series. They are the easiest to come by and normally can be found at decent prices. 
  • Hondo’s short mask in series one is one of the hardest ones to find. For display purposes, you can cut a long mask to look like the short one until you are lucky enough to find one. 
  • See if you can get a big lot of toys. It’s a quick way to get a big start on your collection. 


That’s it for now, I can’t give away all my secrets! 

Enjoy and good luck