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Please enjoy these fanfics! The mask community has some very creative fans!
Lisa    @riftwar001
Darcy A.  @Lynchdara1
A young girl of mysterious origin is caught in between the battle between MASK and VENOM.
Roxanne is finally back home, but will that cause more harm than good for MASK. Considering her loyalties are uncertain and divided between friends and family. Meanwhile, VENOM has another foolproof plan in the making, or so they believe.
War Fields by Lisa Gruenwald  and Darcy Apfel
Sparks fly when Roxanne Trakker meets Annie Turner and finds out she has a connection to VENOM.
Daddy’s Girls by Lisa Gruenwald , Darcy Apfel, and Vanessa Kubiak
A night on the town and a not so harmless prank turn deadly for the daughters of three MASK agents.
Scott and the girls are all grown up and follow in their father’s footsteps. A new team is formed and their Legacy begins…
A successful weapons bust in the mountains endangers Annie’s life, but it isn’t hers that ends up hanging in the balance…
MASK: Legacy Saga 3: The Fallen by Lisa Gruenwald  and Darcy Apfel
 Murder threatens the existence of MASK. Will they overcome the challenge that lies ahead or become fallen warriors left for the dead?
MASK: Legacy Saga 4: Redemption by Lisa Gruenwald  and Darcy Apfel
With help from an outside source, can MASK return itself to its former glory?
The Sierra Nevada Mountains bring forward some harsh revelations to two former MASK agents. Incomplete
A family vacation to Egypt is interrupted by VENOM’s search for the lost tomb of Ramses.